Denny Terrace

Project Details

Owner: Seattle Housing Authority

Location: Seattle, WA

Certification: NA

Services: Energy auditing, Energy modeling, Measurement and verification

Denny Terrace

Project Description

ArchEcology provided an energy use profile of an existing high rise apartment building, Denny Terrace, for the Seattle Housing Authority. We performed an on-site investigation, studied available plans, and gathered information about tenant schedules and behavior. From that information, we created an energy model of the building. We then carefully calibrated our model using several years’ worth of actual meter readings. Once calibrated, we modeled numerous potential energy conservation measures. Proposed infrastructure improvements were carefully evaluated against not only initial cost, potential energy reduction and utility savings, but also against durability and low maintenance requirements. The resulting recommendations, projected to reduce energy use by more than 35% over current annual use, were instrumental in obtaining $10M in green retrofit funds.

Project renovation was designed by DKA Architects and constructed by WG Clark.