Angle Lake Light Rail Station

Project Details

Owner: Sound Transit

Location: Des Moines, WA

Certification: LEED Gold 2017

Services: LEED 2009 Consulting for New Construction

Photos: Jason Zullo

Angle Lake Light Rail Station

Project Description

The Angle Lake Light Rail Station is one of the first stations to pursue LEED certification for Sound Transit. The LEED rating systems tend to focus on buildings and structures that contain lots of occupant users and regularly occupied spaces. A light rail station serves numerous users on a regular basis but as transients that for the most part are simply passing through the facility. Despite a robust sustainability program of its own, Sound Transit had not found much opportunity to incorporate LEED certification into its construction projects.

The Angle Lake Station, however, contains an ancillary building that is used for facility management, maintenance and security staff and serves as a hub for metro transit drivers to take breaks and use restroom facilities. The incorporation of this building allowed ArchEcology to formulate a strategy that could take advantage of good construction practices and material sourcing, along with PVs installed on rooftop canopies, to pursue LEED certification. Though the project began with a LEED Silver goal, it ultimately achieved LEED Gold certification in 2017.

Project was designed by VIA Architects and constructed by PCL Construction.