LEED Certified Retail in Bellevue

LEED Certified Retail in Bellevue

Congratulations to KG Investments and their team on completing LEED Core and Shell certification of their new shopping center in Bellevue, WA. The project is a pioneer in shifting the appearance of 116th Ave NE, just over the highway from Bellevue’s downtown core from a strip of large auto sale lots, to a more diverse and dense business district.

This Class A retail project provides 75,360 sf of space and houses REI, Home Goods and Trader Joes. It anchors a new intersection that allows SE 4th Street to continue east and connect over to 120th Ave NE.

Documenting Core and Shell certification can entail a delicate juggling act as tenants are identified and build out and tenant agreement parameters shift during construction.  ArchEcology was able to help the project team keep a handle on all these parameters and take credit for the project’s green choices.


Owner: KG Investments

Architectural Design: Fuller Sears

Contractor: Bayley Construction

Location: Bellevue, WA

Certification: LEED Certified

Services: LEED 2009 Project Management for Core & Shell / Energy Modeling